Sake Lees Rinse Pack (Wafood Made) 


There’s an old saying in Japan that goes: “The hands of a brewer who touches sake lees are always beautiful.” The beauty benefits of sake lees are not only proven, but they are also remarkable! Wafood Made’s Sake Lees Rinse Pack is a skincare product made with sake lees as the primary ingredient, which are rich in arbutin and other plant-derived moisturizing elements that keep the skin youthful and supple.

Why We Recommend This

  • The lees left over from the sake brewing process are rich in various ingredients such as arbutin. As well as being edible, they can be used as a cosmetic to beautify the skin.
  • This rinse pack contains rice fermentation liquid, yeast, and various plant-derived moisturizing agents that maintain skin elasticity long after application.
  • Can be applied onto wet skin in the bath or shower, shortening your skincare routine.
  • The delicate aromas make it perfect for sake lovers.
  • Also available in seasonal fragrances such as peaches and green tea.

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