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Ebisu Circuit is renowned among international tourists as a haven for “drifting,” the art of intentionally oversteering to “slide” through corners. In this package, you’ll be a passenger in a specially designed car driven by an expert drift school instructor. You’ll wear a helmet and get to experience drifting from both the passenger and back seats. Feel the thrill of drifting without any worries!

Why We Recommend This

  • By riding alongside a professional drift driver, you can experience the highest speeds and top-notch drifting techniques.
  • This experience held at a popular spot for drifting is even favored by overseas tourists.
  • Wearing a helmet, you can safely experience drifting from the passenger and back seats.
  • With a drift instructor at the wheel, even those who don't typically drive can enjoy the experience without worry.
  • This plan allows you to navigate through three different drift courses.

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Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima

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