Kobe Aburi Bokujo (Osaka Main Branch)

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Kobe Aburi Bokujo is a yakiniku restaurant run by a meat wholesaler. It serves top-quality Kobe beef, one of Japan’s premier wagyu brands, sourced from trusted producers, yielding cuts with vivid marbling and an exquisite flavor. Kobe Aburi Bokujo is conveniently located in front of Grand Front Osaka in Umeda.

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  • Being run by a meat wholesaler, Kobe Aburi Bokujo has connections to markets all across Japan, and selects its suppliers after a strict evaluation, purchasing meat on a per-cattle basis. This allows it to serve delicious fresh wagyu at a reduced cost.
  • The “Kobe Beef Luxury Sanmai Course” lets you indulge in Kobe beef through premium thickly cut salted tongue, top-tier red meat, offal, and other choice cuts all roasted up as yakiniku. You’ll be able to fully appreciate the smooth softness and refined sweetness of Kobe beef to your heart’s content at an affordable price.
  • Roast up your own meat to perfection “yakiniku” style on a powerful flame grill. Wait for the juice to drip lightly from the meat, flip it to the other side, then bring your meat to the plate. If you can resist immediately chowing down, wait 30 seconds to let the juice spread across the meat. Be careful not to flip it too many times or overcook it, or else you risk losing its flavor and softness.
  • Tables, counter seats, and private rooms are available, each suiting different guests. Being a popular joint, we strongly recommend reserving a seat beforehand.
  • Located in Umeda, the gateway to Osaka. It sits on the 1st floor of a building in front of the Grand Front Osaka complex. It’s easy to reach by public transport, making it convenient for sightseers touring Osaka.

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2-8-11, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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