$100 Ramen: Tokyo’s Most Expensive Ramen w/ Luxury A5 Wagyu

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Few can say they’ve had the pleasure of feasting on a bowl of the most expensive ramen in Tokyo at one of the city’s most esteemed ramen restaurants. Made with premium ingredients by a skilled ramen chef, this is certainly a bowl to remember!

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  • Made with premium A5 Wagyu beef and truffle oil, this specialty bowl of ramen is filled with gourmet flavors that are on the culinary bucket lists of many.
  • Topped with gold flakes, the bowl exudes luxury, and is certain to be the star of eye-catching food photos.
  • You can watch the experienced ramen chef prepare the noodles right in front of your eyes, cementing the fact that the noodles are homemade and fresh.
  • The ramen restaurant that serves this bowl of ramen is a well-known, award-winning shop, with many ramen lovers trying to taste a bowl of ramen here.
  • Obtain the bragging rights of getting to indulge in the most expensive ramen in Tokyo!

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1F, Plateau-Saka, 1-14-1, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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