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Dive into the world of sumo wrestling by getting to meet and spar with real sumo wrestlers and feast on a classic sumo wrestler dish. Take advantage of the venue’s layout to see the powerful wrestlers move up close and bask in the energetic atmosphere!

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  • Embrace the unique opportunity of interacting with retired professional sumo wrestlers who will show you the intensity of sumo wrestling.
  • Not only can you watch matches between the sumo wrestlers, but you can step in the ring and spar with one yourself.
  • You will get to savor authentic chanko nabe, a hot pot dish famously beloved by sumo wrestlers.
  • You will get to watch a demonstration to learn about sumo's history, rules, and more.
  • The layout of the venue means that you will get to see these captivating athletes move up close!

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You will be provided with the meeting location when your appointment is confirmed.

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