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Richmond Hotel Premier KYOTO SHIJO is a harmonious marriage between the sleek modern interior of a Western hotel and the calming dignified atmosphere of a Japanese inn. Here, you will be able to forget your troubles and relax while taking in the traditions and culture of Kyoto.

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  • Perhaps the best thing about this hotel is the breakfast consisting of Kyoto's unique local cuisine as well as Kyoto's take on Italian dining through buffet-style dishes served in traditional, latticed Kyoto tableware boxes.
  • Guests can choose from three different concept rooms, all of which create a calm and modern atmosphere thanks to their high ceilings. At 4 meters high, even the tallest of guests can feel a sense of openness and freedom while staying at the Richmond Hotel Premier KYOTO SHIJO.
  • As a welcome drink, guests will be able to enjoy the hotel's signature "Kyoto Uji Gyokuro Tamausagi" green tea and a selection of other complimentary beverages.
  • While the hotel amenities are by no means scarce, a supermarket on the first floor of the building is a great place for any and all sudden shopping needs.
  • Despite its central location facing Shijo Street (Shijo-dori) and easy access to many of the city’s tourist attractions, the hotel courtyard allows visitors to experience the tranquil beauty of Japan’s four seasons.

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50, Higashikasaboko-cho, Aburanokoji, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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