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In recent years, Japanese manga has become an international sensation, and there’s no better place to discover its appeal than the Kyoto International Manga Museum. Learn about the history and creative process behind manga, and even read a few volumes!

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  • The museum features a “manga wall” with over 50,000 volumes of manga on display!
  • Plus, some of the manga has even been translated into international languages, so even if you can’t read Japanese, you can still enjoy the museum!
  • At the portrait corner, you can have your caricature drawn in anime style. Love anime? Become anime!
  • Revel in the rich history of manga, and view a collection of historic masterpieces at the permanent exhibition.
  • Finally, watch an actual manga artist demonstrate the entire creation process, from drafting to completion! Learn all about the complex process behind this wonderful art form.

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452, Kinbuki-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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