KitKat Rich Matcha Green Tea


KitKats are popular souvenirs among visitors to Japan, and you’ll find a wide selection at Don Quijote stores. Especially recommended is the rich matcha flavor made with Uji dark green tea. Part of the “Otona no Amasa” (Sweets for Adults) series, this variety brings out the natural flavors of matcha by reducing the treat’s sweetness, creating a sublime balance between the green tea, chocolate, and biscuit.

Why We Recommend This

  • One of the most popular Japanese snacks and souvenirs in a green tea flavor.
  • Enjoy the subtle bitterness and aroma of authentic Uji matcha dark green tea.
  • “Otona no Amasa” is a series of KitKats with 15% less sugar tailored to adult palates.
  • Uji green tea chocolate with crunchy biscuit bits are kneaded into the mix for a richer flavor.
  • In Japan, KitKat bars have become symbols of good luck, as their name sounds similar to the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu,” meaning “to surely win.”

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