Steam Eye Mask (MegRhythm)


The MegRhythm brand aims to make modern people healthier and improve their lives by helping them reduce physical and mental stress, and their Steam Eye Mask is one of the ways they’re going about it. This hot mask fits around the contour of the eyes and relieves strain and fatigue through steam coming in at a gentle 40°C, allowing you to enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation and pleasant aromas.

Why We Recommend This

  • Once you open the package, the mask will heat up after coming into contact with the air, eventually reaching a pleasant temperature of 40°C.
  • The eye mask has a soft and comfortable fabric that fits perfectly around the contour of the eye, and is gentle on the ears.
  • The steam treatment relieves eye fatigue, moisturizes the eyes to prevent dryness, and improves sleep.
  • Available in various scented and unscented versions.

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