Melano CC Medicated Stain Prevention Whitening Lotion


Melano CC Medicated Stain Prevention Whitening Lotion contains active whitening ingredients, highly absorbable vitamin C, anti-inflammatory agents, and three moisturizing ingredients to suppress melanin production, prevent blemishes, and maintain clear skin. The Melano CC series also includes an enzyme facewash, moisturizing gel cream, toner, moisturizing serum cream, and masks, guaranteeing a skincare solution for every need.

Why We Recommend This

  • A product of Rohto, a reliable Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • The high-purity vitamin C is quickly absorbed, preventing the formation of new spots and whitening existing ones while adding luster to the skin.
  • Light, non-greasy texture and pleasant citrus scent.
  • Some Melano CC products are classified as pharmaceuticals and some as cosmetics under Japanese law.
  • The series is popular on Japanese social media for its affordable price and noticeable results.

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