Makiyaki Ginza Onodera (Michelin)

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Enjoy Michelin-starred French cuisine in a an elegant restaurant in the stylish neighborhood of Ginza. The head chef has a wealth of experience in French cuisine, which is evident in the mouthwatering flavors and pleasing presentation of the dishes.

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  • The head chef has experience studying Basque cuisine in France.
  • A wood fired grill is utilized in the cooking process, infusing the dishes with a delectable, smoky aroma.
  • Find scrumptious dishes that beautifully blend elements of Japanese and French cuisines.
  • Located on the 9th floor, the restaurant offers a calm reprieve from the busyness of Ginza.
  • The creamy Basque-style cheesecake is a must-try!

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9F, Sunlit Ginza Bldg. III, 5-14-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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