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Kawakami is a “Kappo Ryori” restaurant located along Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto’s Gion district. The restaurant was opened in 1960 in what is now a 100-year-old building, allowing guests to enjoy the historic atmosphere of Kyoto while dining on exquisite Kyoto cuisine made with delectable seasonal ingredients.

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  • The restaurant prioritizes freshness in order to showcase the scrumptious flavors of the ingredients. Since its establishment, Gion Kawakami has been building relationships with its suppliers to ensure that all of the ingredients brought in are among the freshest available, from seafood such as sea bream from Awaji Island in the neighboring Hyogo Prefecture to vegetables and seasonings. One of the characteristics of Kyoto cuisine is utilizing the innate flavors of the ingredients, so it is imperative to secure quality ingredients.
  • Kyoto cuisine is made to enjoy the four seasons with the five senses. For example, for autumn, the menu will promptly employ seasonal ingredients such as Matsutake mushrooms, chestnuts, and ginkgo nuts. The seasonality does not stop at the ingredients–dishes featuring designs including the moon and rabbits will be used to illustrate beloved Japanese customs such as the night of the full moon. The restaurant will also be adorned with seasonal decorations such as “tsukimi dango” dumplings and Japanese pampas grass, offering visual reminders of the season as well. Japanese cuisine places emphasis on not only taste, but also aesthetics, paying close attention to colors and shapes. The arrangements of the dishes and rooms create seasonal sensations unique to Japan, so please take note of this as well during your visit.
  • The restaurant is located in a renovated traditional Japanese house called a “machiya.” Built over 100 years ago, historical elegance still emanates from every corner. The blend of Gion-esque brilliance and homey atmosphere creates the perfect environment to enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine.
  • The restaurant houses a 10-seater counter and a total of seven private rooms located in the main building and annex. The private rooms have either table seating with chairs or floor seating. Groups of up to 30 people can be accommodated at the restaurant, but it is recommended that a prior reservation is made.
  • The restaurant is a 5-minute walk from Exit 6 of Gion-shijo Station on the Keihan Line. It is located on the quiet Nishi Hanamikoji Dori Street, just west of Hanamikoji Street in central Gion, one of Kyoto’s most famous geisha districts.

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570-122, Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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