Ninja hands-on 1-hour Lesson in English at Kyoto - Entry level

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Become a ninja for a day as you learn about ninja techniques from a master. Handling ninja weapons while in ninja garb will make you feel as though you are preparing for your next mission!

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  • Learn all about ninja techniques that were actually used in training in the past from an expert, English-speaking instructor.
  • Don ninja garb to fully get into the role and feel like you are a real ninja going through training.
  • Learn how to properly handle ninja weapons such as throwing stars, daggers, swords, and more.
  • Become as sneaky as a ninja by practicing ninja walking and movements.
  • With a friendly and welcoming environment, this experience is fun for everyone from children to adults.

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2F, 528, Hakurakuten-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

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