Comprehensive SAMURAI course at a real dojo (Iai, Gekken, Test cutting)

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Learn the ancient art of katana combat at an authentic dojo in Machida, western Tokyo. Many places offer sword lessons for entertainment or performance purposes, but here, you will get a genuine samurai experience from a veteran master, who will guide you into the heart of Japanese martial arts.

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  • Wear traditional kenjutsu clothing and learn authentic katana techniques from a master swordsman.
  • Learn the Toyama style of kenjutsu, the last style of swordsmanship used in actual combat by the Japanese army.
  • Train with a practice sword, a bokken wooden sword, and a real katana.
  • You’ll be taught the basics of Iai, Gekken, and Test Cutting, including proper grip, maintaining distance between yourself and your opponent, and cutting poles with a real sword.
  • The dojo can be rented out for a private party for an additional fee with prior notice.

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3-14-14, Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo

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