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Enjoy all sorts of tabletop griddle specialties, including okonomiyaki, monjayaki, and yakisoba. Will you be so lucky as to even get to try the elusive “White Okonomiyaki”?

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  • Here, several of Japan's beloved griddle soul foods are on the menu, including savory okonomiyaki pancakes, the Tokyo specialty monjayaki, and delicious yakisoba noodles.
  • A beloved menu item is the "White Okonomiyaki," topped with fluffy meringue, but even with its popularity, this sought-after dish is not available on the weekends!
  • The delectable dishes can be savored along with sake and mouthwatering appetizers.
  • The retro-style interior will envelop you in a nostalgic Japanese ambiance.

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5-22-3, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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