Ajikaido Gojusantsugi (Teppanyaki Sanjo, Sushi Nihonbashi)

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Savor delectable cuisine while sitting high above the Tokyo skyline. This collection of restaurants offers unparalleled flavors and unique experiences at each establishment.

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  • With a name inspired by a famous collection of ukiyo-e prints, this collection of restaurants offers diners fabulous, unique Japanese culinary experiences.
  • The restaurants offer an array of fabulous cuisine, from wagyu beef to sushi.
  • The elevated location allows diners to enjoy stunning views of the Tokyo skyline, which is particularly wondrous at night when the city is twinkling with the building lights.
  • Sunny days may even offer views of Mt. Fuji, an icon of Japan.
  • Relax in warm, inviting restaurants while savoring sumptuous Japanese cuisine.

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4-10-30, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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