Nabana no Sato & Osaka Maple Viewing Day Tour

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Enjoy spectacular scenes of Japan such as seasonal views from a ropeway, one of Japan’s best light displays, and gorgeous flower gardens.

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  • While riding the ropeway, you can enjoy the splendid views of the autumn leaves that burn bright red during the peak season. In the winter, the trees and ground freeze over to create a true wonderland!
  • At night, you can enjoy one of the best illumination displays in Japan at Nabana no Sato. See a world of overwhelming light like no other!
  • In the begonia flower garden, the beautiful begonia flowers are as beautiful as if they had been painted in a picture on the wall!
  • The sukiyaki lunch using the local specialty beef is exquisite, and you will not be disappointed for sure!
  • The provided iPad has both Chinese and English video translations,, however if you don't understand something, you can ask the guide as well.

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