Arashiyama & Nara Todai-ji Day Tour from Osaka

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Dive deep into Japanese history on this extensive day tour around Kyoto and Nara! Learn about Japan by experiencing its history, culture, and nature first hand!

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  • Arashiyama is best known for its scenic groves of tall, green bamboo and the nearby Togetsukyo Bridge, all of which make for spectacular photos!
  • There are dozens of shops and cafes in Arashiyama offering delicious Japanese confections unique to the area.
  • The golden Kinkaku-ji Temple and its mirror-like reflection in the pond is a highlight for many visitors to Kyoto. Pay special attention to the shining phoenix at the top of the tower, as it has been crafted with gorgeous detail.
  • At Nara Park, buy some special deer rice crackers, and make plenty of new friends with the local deer!
  • The guide can speak English and Japanese, so anyone can join with ease!
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