Dai Onsen Matsudaya Ryokan

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Experience the charm of a traditional hot spring “ryokan” inn, enveloped by the richness of its natural surroundings. With its own source of potent hot spring water, the ryokan features not only a spacious bathhouse and open-air baths but also reservable baths for a more private experience. Its traditional Japanese-style building is adorned with exquisite interior decor that emanates timeless elegance and tradition.

Why We Recommend This

  • The ryokan is located in a historic hot spring resort town with a 1,200-year-old legend of its founding.
  • There are open-air baths where you can enjoy natural hot springs with free-flowing water straight from the source, as well as three private baths that can be reserved for free.
  • Experience creative Japanese cuisine that uses plenty of delicious local ingredients from each season.
  • Dining rooms are separated by partitions and have sunken kotatsu tables, allowing you to enjoy your meal in private.
  • There are three special rooms with semi-open-air baths or cypress bathtubs, encompassed by a spacious and modern Japanese atmosphere.

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2-20, Dai, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate

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