2-Day Private Tour of The Michinoku Golden Culture and History

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The Tohoku region, affectionately known as “Michinoku,” is said to be where gold was first discovered in Japan. Spanning from the inland landscapes of Iwate Prefecture to the captivating coastal vistas of Miyagi Prefecture, this region has recently earned the esteemed title of “Michinoku Gold Romance Road,” and was designated as a Japan Heritage Site in 2019. This tour allows travelers to embark on a captivating journey that includes a visit to the legendary Konjikido (Golden Hall) of Chuson-ji Temple, an esteemed World Heritage Site.

Why We Recommend This

  • Over the course of two days, you can thoroughly learn about the history of gold in the Tohoku region.
  • As it is a private tour, you can enjoy sightseeing at a relaxed pace.
  • You can hear about history, culture, nature, and food related to the theme of gold.
  • You can visit Chuson-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases abundant use of gold.
  • You can enjoy cuisine from Kesennuma, Iwate.

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Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate

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