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The whole world has heard about sake, but Japan’s national alcoholic drink remains a mystery to many. What exactly is it? A spirit? Wine? Something else? Those are all questions you can ask your sommelier guide during this fun sake-tasting seminar in Tokyo. Education with a light buzz. You can’t beat that!

Why We Recommend This

  • Learn about and taste the differences between various kinds of sake in a fun, small-group atmosphere in the vicinity of Shinjuku Station.
  • No Japanese necessary! The sommelier will conduct his lessons in English.
  • For a relaxing, fun-filled experience, the sommelier will personally choose three types of sake for you to try and explain how best to enjoy them and how to read their labels.
  • Free snacks and water available.
  • The sommelier will pass out printouts explaining the finer points of sake tasting, such as which kinds taste best at what temperatures and more.

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3-4-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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