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The Millennials Kyoto is a new kind of capsule hotel that has evolved to feature rooms large enough to fit semi-double beds which, by the way, can be adjusted to serve either as a sofa or bed. Of course, there is ample room to store luggage. It promises an affordable and comfortable stay.

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  • The room is designed to be the width of a semi-double bed, so you have plenty of room to move around unlike a conventional capsule hotel. There is also enough space under the bed for suitcases and such.
  • The bed can freely switch between bed mode and sofa mode, and the ceiling is tall enough for a fully grown adult to stand up when the bed is in sofa mode. Rather than a conventional alarm clock, the capsule room uses the lighting and bed reclining function to wake you up.
  • The common area, lounge, self-serve kitchen, and coworking space provides great opportunities for you to interact with other guests.
  • The hotel has a simple breakfast of bread and soup in the morning, and provides complimentary beer in the evenings so that you will have the chance to interact and meet other guests.
  • There is also a room called the "Theater Pod" where you can project media from your smartphone or computer on the screen like you’re in your very own cinema theater!

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235, Yamazaki-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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