Hanamaki Onsen Kashoen

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Nestled in Hanamaki Onsen, this ryokan provides an exceptional culinary experience and a soothing hot spring retreat. Various room types are available, seamlessly blending the luxury of Japanese-style ambiance with Western-style practicality. In addition to the hot spring baths, the ryokan features a sauna, ensuring guests can indulge in a truly relaxing experience that nurtures both the body and soul.

Why We Recommend This

  • There are various types of rooms available, including Japanese-style and Western-style. Some rooms even come with open-air or semi-open-air baths.
  • The facility includes a souvenir shop that offers local flavors and traditional products from Hanamaki and the rest of Iwate, including Nambu ironware.
  • The "Toro-Toro-no-Yu" hot spring, sourced from the local spring, is an alkaline hot spring known as "beauty water," offering a gentle and moisturizing bathing experience for the skin.
  • You can savor a traditional “kaiseki” multi-course meal prepared by skilled cooks who are well versed in Japanese cuisine.
  • The front desk is open 24 hours and there is a gift shop on-site. They provide a free shuttle service from JR Shin-Hanamaki Station.

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1-125-2, Yumoto, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate

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