Aqua Park Shinagawa

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Experience the wonders of the sea with amusement that goes beyond the boundaries of what defines an aquarium! This healing space interweaves light, sound, and sea creatures all in one place!

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  • The exciting show of majestic animals uses light, water, and sound and is packed with entertainment that will make you forget you are in an aquarium! Don't miss out on a truly spectacular show that can only be seen here!
  • Each area in the aquarium is like its own little world, such as the jellyfish exhibit and aquariums with various themes that offer glimpses into the lives of underwater creatures!
  • The attraction area features a merry-go-round where you can ride on dolphins and other sea creatures, as well as a giant pirate ship ride, offering entertainment that cannot be found at other aquariums!
  • There are also a number of rare fish here that cannot be seen at other aquariums.
  • The “Wonder Tube“ aquarium stretches for a total length of about 20 meters, and you can see about 10 types of stingrays swimming above and around you! You will feel as though you are walking through the sea as you get up close and personal with these splendid creatures!

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3-2-1, Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

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