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An indoor theme park packed with over 3 million Lego blocks! There are plenty of attractions that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy all day long. Build a bright memory at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo brick by brick!

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  • Here, you can enjoy various attractions such as a shooting game and one where you pedal way up in the air on a fantastical contraption!
  • At Miniland, you can see a diorama of all the famous places in Tokyo made entirely of Lego! When the sun goes down in real time, the Lego city lights up, adding an extra level of reality to it.
  • You can also build and race your own special car in the "LEGO Racer Build & Test Zone."
  • At the Lego Factory, you can see how Legos are made and participate in the process as well. An exciting experience that can only be done at this factory awaits!
  • Legoland Discovery Center Shop is the largest Lego shop in Tokyo, with more than 400 products, some of which you can only get here!

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3F, Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall, 1-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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